July 14, 2024

16 thoughts on “Zona The Best Guru Les Private BIPA Excellent

  1. Ready to teach BIPA for expatriat especially for cilegon banten area.
    so don’t hesitate to contact me at 0897 1360 656

  2. Salam sejahtera
    Saya guru privat bahasa Inggris utk karyawan dan bahasa Indonesia untuk expatriate
    Saya berminat ikut bergabung di lembaga Anda jika Anda membutuhkan guru.


  3. Hello,
    I am a 24-years old Indonesian Javanese guy residing in Surabaya and working both as an English teacher and Bahasa Indoensia Teacher for expatriates. I’m friendly & easy going. I am eager and committed to help my students learn and acquire the target language in very effective and efficient ways. My teaching instructions & activities are based on SLA theories and researches by well-known language teaching experts.

    If you need a teacher, feel free to text/whatsapp me at 0897 1360 656. Thank’s & Have a nice day!

  4. I’m Imas Ela i come from Majalaya Bandung, and i’m an indonesian language teacher for expatriate, can i join and apply a job ?

  5. Hello, I can teach Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners. For more information you can contact me through my WA 0822134152xx

  6. Teaching Bahasa for Foreigner, Teaching English for Early&Primary Students, Teaching English Conversation (Kelas Karyawan – Small Group or Private).
    For further info and details please do contact me on email

    Thank you

  7. For expatriate Bandung area that requires private Bahasa Indonesia daily language speaking, dont hesitate to call me directly on : 0812838300xx, this is also whatsapp number.

  8. Hello,I’m ready to teach BIPA for expatriate in Jakarta and BSD/Pamulang area. Feel free to contact me at 0896306942xx

  9. I am Rini

    I have more than five years of teaching Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners.

    You only need 24 hours of learning to be able to speak in Bahasa Indonesia.

    +6289741794xx, whatsapp
    +62812834928xx, call/ sms

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